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Growing up in the South, Taylor Wilkinson’s design career begin with her grandmother’s jewelry box; by re-purposing the vintage pieces for herself and her friends. As interest in her re-worked vintage jewelry grew locally, Taylor began to design bold geometric pieces that were more reflective of her personal style, and in April 2017, Taylor Wilkinson Designs’ debut collection launched.

Designed in Mississippi and made to order in Kentucky, Taylor exclusively uses sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil and pave diamonds to create luxurious, sleek pieces for the modern woman, Featuring strong geometric shapes and lines, the jewelry is designed to be mixed and matched to create a bold look for every woman.

Taylor holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in English from the University of Mississippi. Prior to launching Taylor Wilkinson Designs, she worked for Saks Corporation. The company is based in Oxford, MS, where Taylor lives with her husband and her three children.